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The excitement and newness of Satellite Technology and now 2 - Way Internet via Satellite invites many questions. In order to address the questions you may have, we have compiled the following list of commonly asked questions and answers so you can get more comfortable with the technology. If you can't find an answer to your question here, you can always feel free to contact us and let us help!


Who is NetKingSAT?
NetKingSAT Solutions is a Satellite Communications & Internet Solutions Company. We provide communication and network services to small, mid-sized and corporate networked environments such as schools, businesses, multinational enterprises and home applications. Our Goal is to bring HighSpeed BroadBand Internet Services to "remote users, the dialup users and the unconnected", utilizing a specialized Satellite Technology, first Introduced by Hughes Network Systems. Now offered by NetKingSAT in association with CANADA’s Hughes Distributors.

What are the NetKingSAT solutions?
NetKingSAT offers several satellite-based Internet solutions that include;

  • A TWO-WAY .75 meter satellite dish (or larger depending on your geographic location)including hardware and software designed to deliver and receive the satellite signal to business, enterprises, or 2-3 home user networks;
  • Satellite Dish installation;
  • HighSpeed BroadBand support services.

What is the NetKingSAT service?
NetKingSAT provides complete "TurnKey" 2-Way Satellite connectivity solutions that generally include hardware, software, monthly bandwidth service, dish installation, and support services. We make your system requirements a reality, demonstrating, a strong track record with hundreds of DirecWay / HNS solutions installed nationwide. At NetKingSAT, we are committed to bringing our customers the best in products, services and support!

Other services include VPN’s, multicasting, voIP (Voice Over IP) networking support and wireless connectivity are available with NetKingSAT.

What is the Difference Between "1 Way" & "2 Way" Satellite Internet?
Simply put, the one-way solution uses a "dial out" modem "return" feature, and the "two-way" solution offers a "satellite return" feature, therefore a separate phone line and ISP is unnecessary. NetKingSAT does not sell nor support the 1-Way System.

How fast is the NetKingSAT Internet connection?
NetKingSAT consumers can expect super fast download speeds (about 10 times faster than a dial up modem) and fast upload speeds. Your speed can burst even higher depending on when you are online. However, you may experience somewhat slower speeds during peak hours, which are typically weekday evenings.

How much will the NetKingSAT system and service cost?
The NetKingSAT package, which includes the complete NetKingSAT system (hardware and installation), varies in cost depending on your needs. The monthly service fee also varies, depending on the service(s) you request and the number of users you have. To find out more, fill out our Client Application Assessment form.

How do I know which system I need?
As you can imagine, there are multiple mixes of computer networks and applications. The best way to determine what you need is to fill out our Client Application Assessment Form so that or sales engineers can evaluate your needs and help craft a solution that will work for you!

When and where will NetKingSAT service be available?
IT’S AVAILABLE NOW – through out Canada, the US, parts of Central America and the Carribean.

Is the NetKingSAT service available outside CANADA or the continental U.S., in places like Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, the Carribbean, Mexico or Central America?
The NetKingSAT service is currently available is these regions with some limitations or additional equipment requirements. Call us or email us for details and information:

Does NetKingSAT provide only Internet access?
No! Multicasting services, content and package delivery services, networking/engineering support, VoIP services and more are available with NetKingSAT.

Do NetKingSAT’ solutions work with VPN’s?
Yes. Depending on the platform (PPTP or IPSec), there is an NetKingSAT solution available. Talk with one of our sales engineers to find out what will work for you.

Can the weather affect the performance?
In severe snowstorms or in very heavy tropical downpours, you may experience some downgraded performance as the peak of the storm passes over. This is often referred to as "signal fade" or "rain fade". This situation is rare, and your NetKingSAT service will be operational close to 100% of the time.

Why do I need a clear line of sight to the south?
The Hughes satellite that delivers the service is in Geostationary orbit around the Equator. If your line of sight to the south is obstructed, it may inhibit your signal.

Can I use the system with Macintosh as well as Windows clients?
Yes. Our solution works with both PC’s and Macs, through our NetKingSAT Satellite 4020 Router and the Newest member of the DirecWay family.. the DW6000.

Does NetKingSAT have any mobile solutions?
Yes. In fact, we have a mobile solution for Business, or Emergency use that is installed on the roof of an RV or Mobile response unit.

Can a subscriber use any browser with NetKingSAT's DirecWay?
All of the major browsers function properly in the NetKingSAT environment.

Can a subscriber use any email program? (Outlook, Eudora,etc.)?
All major email programs work with NetKingSAT's DirecWay.

If a subscriber lives in a remote area will he/she need a larger satellite dish size than the standard unit?
At this time we have one antenna size and we believe our standard .75 Meter antenna will perform properly across most of CANADA & the continental US. In the outer fringe areas, and depending on the Satellite used, a 1.2M or a 1.8M antenna may be necessary.

Can I network the NetKingSAT solution with other PCs on my network?
NetKingSAT, network specialists in Satellite Internet connectivity, we have designed our solutions for two users and higher. As such, we’ve put together complete packages to meet your needs with ease of use in mind. Our DW4020 or the DW6000 routers are a solution that will work for you. Just speak with one of our sales representatives to find out which solution will function best for your particular needs.

Can the subscriber use other ISPs (i.e. AOL, EarthLink etc) with NetKingSAT?
While it is not yet possible to use AOL or EarthLink (or other ISP providers that use a proprietary interface) using NetKingSAT DirecWay as your ISP, users can still visit the AOL or Earthlink web sites or access their email accounts via the webmail interface or configure their Mail programs to receive and send email.

Will several users have the ability to access the Internet simultaneously, downloading different web pages to their individual PCs?
Absolutely! Using various software gates or your new NetKingSAT Satellite DW4020 or DW6000 Router will allow shared Internet access. Through it's optimized routing, multiple users can access the Internet via one IP address and at HighSpeed performance.

How many concurrent users will be able to use the system?
This depends on the package you purchase. Normal NetKingSAT software packages and the NetKingSAT Satellite DW4020 Router and bandwidth packages are available to support up to 5, 10, 20 and 50 users. Custom packages are available for Corporations, Government or First Nation applications requiring more broadband or dedicated services. Contact our sales Department for more details ..

Does the speed slow down as more users access the NetKingSAT Satellite 4020 Router?
The per-user speed may decrease slightly with the addition of each user. However, the decrease will not be linear as with fixed speed pipelines (like modems, ISDN or T-1) because the aggregate speed will increase as additional connections are established.


When will 2-way satellite Internet be available?
It’s available now! Call
1.604.675.7651 and Get Yours Today!!

How big is the 2-WAY Satellite Antenna?
Dimensions: 36" x 24" (Dish);
Height with stand (Approximate): 43";
Weight: 45 Pounds.

Can I send AND receive data through the satellite dish?
Yes! With the two-way solution, no separate ISP is needed.

How does NetKingSAT compare with standard dial-up Internet access?
NetKingSAT 2-way solution provides always-on Internet service that is approximately ten times faster than the fastest dial-up service. NetKingSAT does not require users to dial-in for access through a separate Internet Service Provider (ISP) and it does not tie up telephone lines like dial-up connections do.



How does the one-way solution send the request to the Internet?
With one way, the dish is a receive-only unit. Generally most Internet users only need high-speeds when they download, such as when viewing a web page with several large graphics, or requesting large files. Data is typically sent through land-based methods like regular telephone, ISDN or T-1 lines. The outbound requests are usually very small (1 /10 to 1/100 the size of returning information), and the primary need for speed is for the downloads. This solution offers up to 400kbps in download speeds.

If I have a one-way system and want to upgrade to two-way, can I use the same equipment? No - The Satellite Return systems uses new outdoor and indoor equipment, and software. Call 1.604.675.7651 for upgrade specials.



Does NetKingSAT require a telephone connection?
Not with the new 2-way solution. Because it uses DirecWay’s industry-leading satellite return-path technology, the NetKingSAT system is completely independent of terrestrial wires and does not require a telephone connection. All Internet content is received and transmitted over satellite. However, please note: a phone connection will ONLY be required at set up time for our regular NetKingSAT DW4000 package and our NetKingSAT DW4020 package. The DW6000 uses Satellite Based Commissioning and therefore does not need a phone line for activation.

Talk to your sales representative for more details:

Will the ping times be quick enough for online multi-player games?
Probably not. Subscribers will be able to play online games, but since the signal travels over 44,000 miles to the Internet and then the same distance in return, there probably won't be a visible improvement in response times.

Who provides the ISP service?
NetKingSAT in association with Canadian authorized DirecWay distributors functions as your total solution provider, including your Internet Service Provider.

Do you offer DSL service?
NetKingSAT is the premium provider of satellite-based Internet solutions. At the current time we are not offering a land based DSL option.

Is there a usage limit?
No, unlike many of the ISPs, DirecWay doesn't place limitations on time of usage. The system is always on. FAP - Fair Access Policy, however does apply. For more information, follow this

Do the two modem sized boxes that will connec t to my computer require two separate USB ports?
The two units, an IRU (Indoor Receiving Unit) and an ITU (Indoor Transmitting Unit), are connected together by one cable and use only one USB connection. NOTE <> This is only for the DW4000 Series.

The DW6000 has an ethernet "out" that plugs into a network router or switch

IS NetKingSAT Perfect?
Of course we are >>NOT! We do, however, operate with a commitment to give our best effort, minimize problems for our clients, resolve any issues promptly, and keep an open mind to creatively implement and manage company policies that support a satisfied Client base. Clearly, we might fumble the ball along the way, and likewise, there are some things that are out of our control. However, we will make our best attempts at resolving any unforseen incidents that may occur in a prompt and courteous manner as soon as we're made aware of the situation. Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible and when you contact us, please understand our team is here to help and we are trying very hard to resolve technical difficulties or frustrations that you may have.
"Work with our Support Team to help us - Help you"!


Does NetKingSAT have its own installers of satellite dishes?
NetKingSAT has third party company installation partners that serve a nationwide customer base. Therefore, NetKingSAT asks its clients to provide us with feedback on their experience with the installer that is sent. Our goal is to provide excellent service at all levels. We demonstrate a unified strength which is conditional on the weakest link of our team. If you experience a level of service that does not match your expectation, please notify us immediately and we will act quickly to fulfill your needs.

Can I do my own satellite dish installation?
NO. All installations must be performed by a qualified CRTC installer for CANADA and FCC in the United States. Therefore a professional satellite dish installation by a NetKingSAT designated installer is required. NetKingSAT has a national network of installer partners. The installation of the dish must be very precise for the 2-way system, and therefore we do not offer the option of self-installs. If you are not a NetKingSAT designated installer and you perform your own installation or even a portion of the installation, you will void any applicable installation warranty and service warranty.

What is required in an NetKingSAT installation?
A clear line of sight to the south; permission from your landlord or homeowners association; Building Permits where applicable and a completed NetKingSAT site survey. The NetKingSAT installation process is very similar to the standard small-dish satellite television installation process. The 2-way installation involves a slightly larger antenna and two coaxial cables running from the dish to the computer. In addition, because the NetKingSAT service both sends and receives content via satellite, the dish pointing process requires much greater precision, as compared to receive-only satellite television offerings. (See "Can I do my own installation?" above).

Who is responsible for licenses, permits, landlord approvals, etc. that may be required for the installation of my satellite dish?
You, the customer, are responsible for all local approvals, permits, landlords or homeowners association approvals, etc. We send you a site survey in advance, and when the installer arrives on site, he or she will assume that you have secured any and all required permits, approvals, etc.

Do I need a phone line?
Yes, But only for the DW4000 satellite system activation, you need dialup access to "Turn On and Activate" your satellite modems. Once this is completed, the phone line will be used for one more system cross check with the NOC (Network Operations Center) A standard dial-up connection to your local ISP will work fine. Most organizations already have at least an inexpensive modem-based dial-up connection.

What operating systems will be compatible with the two-way satellite return system?
The Satellite Return system and DW4020 is compatible with Win 95 C, Win 98, Win2000, and Win ME and XP. The Satellite DW4020 & the DW6000 Routers are compatible with any client that utilizes the TCP/IP protocol suite.



Who do I contact regarding technical issues on the NetKingSAT Satellite DW4020 or DW6000 Routers?

Who do I contact for technical issues on my network?
You need to contact your technical people.

Can NetKingSAT help me with network issues?
Yes. Arrangements can be made for a network service contract.

Can my contracted tech support people call NetKingSAT for assistance?
Yes, on NetKingSAT Satellite Router issues or if a network service contract exists, or a per incident fee.

If you have any additional questions, please direct them to:

Thank you!


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